Alphaslot partners with Synergy Blue to explore gaming Innovation with blockchain technology

Blockchain gaming platform Alphaslot and skill-based games creator Synergy Blue have announced an agreement to explore bringing innovative entertainment solutions using blockchain technology to casino gaming in the American, Asian and European markets.

The strategic alliance allows Synergy Blue to explore how Alphaslot’s blockchain API could be used in its skill-based casino gaming products.

Alphaslot’s blockchain API is the main interface for casino gaming equipment to connect with players on the casino floor via a blockchain network, allowing interactive gaming experiences in a transparent and trusted environment for both casino operators and regulators. Synergy Blue provides certified, skill-based games for the casino market.

Alphaslot is leading the way for blockchain adoption in the gambling industry,” said Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue. “While microtransactions are unheard of in the casino and gambling world, they are pervasive in the video game market. Our goal is to explore how to leverage blockchain technology to help attract the next generation of gambler and provide innovative entertainment experiences.

Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue

This agreement with Synergy Blue in America will give us an opportunity to expand into the emerging market of skill-based casino gaming, which could lead to demand for interactive products powered by blockchain technology. Our new blockchain technology, combined with Synergy Blue’s gaming innovation, could help shape the future of the casino gaming industry.

Raymond Chan, CEO and co-founder of Alphaslot

The agreement between Alphaslot and Synergy Blue underscores the interest of both parties towards the future of blockchain technology and the industry.

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