WazirX goes International, Registrations for Global Users Open Next Week

Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX has completed one year today, and the company had an exciting announcement for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In its official blog post, WairX has announced intentions of going international soon. Specifically, WazirX wants to leverage its mature P2P trading platform for its foray into international markets. WazirX will open up its P2P platform for global users next week.

In its blog, the company pointed out that fiat to crypto conversion is a global issue and a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe struggle to convert fiat to crypto and vice versa. They have to rely on local platforms that charge high fees and high spreads. WazirX wants to take its tried-and-tested P2P platform to solve this problem across the globe.

Speaking to Crypto Dost, WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty said:

With the banking ban in India, we innovated and built the world’s first auto matching P2P engine. This innovation helped us ensure that Indians can continue to participate in the blockchain revolution. Seeing how smooth the P2P experience was, we started seeing interest from users in other countries. When we dug deeper we knew that the Fiat <> Crypto ramp is broken globally. With P2P going global, our mission is to make Fiat <> Crypto faster, easier and cheaper. We’ve done that in India, we’ll do it for the world.

We had also spoken to Nischal about his plans to take WazirX to international shores, in an interview earlier this year. If you haven’t seen the interview yet, do check it out! You can jump to 32:00 if you want to hear Nischal speak about his plans for making WazirX a global exchange!

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