Japanese Exchange Liquid to Expand to the US

One of Japan’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms Liquid has decided to expand its operations to the US. The company, which recently acquired tech unicorn status, has partnered with Virtual Currency Partners (VCP) to create a joined entity called Liquid Financial USA Inc. that will help Liquid expand in the US.

The joint entity has enabled the company to acquire a FinCEN-registered money service business that makes it easy to access the US market. The company plans to offer all of its products to customer in the US, subject to regulatory approvals. Liquid’s native token, QASH, will also be available for trading to US customers, post approvals.

According to the announcement, VCP is a consortium of successful investors and entrepreneurs who have invested in fintech and cryptocurrency businesses before. The platform is expecting to onboard US clients by January 2020. Liquid is owned by Quoine.

(Image Credit: Liquid Blog)

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