Ethereum Classic (ETC) added to Coinbase. What is Ethereum Classic? Should you buy ETC now?

In this breaking news update, Coinbase has announced that it will be adding Ethereum Classic on its exchange. Ethereum Classic (ETC) will become the fifth cryptocurrency project to be added on Coinbase. The world’s most popular exchange hasn’t announced the date of the listing yet, but ETC coin will be listed some time in the coming months. This is huge news for ETC bag holders, as the coin has already seen a jump by 21% at the time of writing. Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency is trading at around $15.51 at the time of recording.

Ethereum Classic was a result of a disagreement on the original blockchain to countering an attack. Those who opted for a hard fork branched off into what is now known as Ethereum, and the original blockchain was called Ethereum Classic. Will we see more adoption of Ethereum Classic coin after being added to Coinbase? Only time will tell.

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