Coinbase launches Coinbase Earn – Users can earn cryptocurrencies while learning about them

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched a unique platform called ‘Coinbase Earn’ to educate users about cryptocurrencies. Users can learn about cryptocurrencies on this platform and also earn cryptos as an added incentive. The move will definitely be beneficial to many users who who would perhaps be wary of investing in an unknown asset class.

Coinbase Earn will engage and educate users with pre-designed content in multiple formats such as videos and quizzes. In return, the user gets the opportunity to earn respective cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has started this platform in invite-only mode with a single asset ZRX. Users who have the invite can directly go to the Coinbase Earn ZRX page. Other users can still access the content but cannot earn cryptocurrencies at this time. 

Over time, Coinbase will add more content about other cryptocurrencies as well. However, this move has also drawn sharp criticism from some top crypto influencers:

From our perspective, we think bringing more people into this asset class is extremely important for growth in this space. Whether it be through incentives or some other approach, any initiative that will bring more demand in this market is more than welcome!

Image Credit: Coinbase

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