Celer Network Partners with Matic Network

In a first-of-its-kind integration between two off-chain scaling solutions, Celer Network has tied up with Matic Network to improve user experience and reduce cost of usage. The integration of the Celer state channel with the Matic testnet sidechain was announced during ETH New York.

Both Celer and Matic are layer-2 scaling solutions. However, Celer is focused on state channels whereas Matic is geared towards side chain technology. The state channel’s integration with Matic greatly reduces the cost and delay involved with initialisation, final settlement and protocol failure. For Matic, the integration with Celere’s generalised state channel technology high-frequency, real-time interaction between users at zero costs. It also enables smart contract interaction enabling side chain users to move assets without cross-chain delays.

The partnership will benefit low-cost and instant micropayment-based services such as video streaming. It also enables the combination of low-cost permanent storage and high frequency interactions in blockchain applications.

Incidentally, both CelerNetwork and Matic Network emerged out of the Binance Launchpad platform.

(Image Credit: Celer Network blog)

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