Bittrex to Expand to Euro Markets

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has announced that it will be expanding to Euro markets later this summer. This will allow Bittrex users to trade cryptocurrencies with Euros. In addition, the exchange is also lowering trading fees in the US market.

Bittrex is currently offering a promotional month for traders with 0 maker and 0.15% taker (reduced by 100% and 40%, respectively) fees. Bittrex or Bittrex International Accounts that have $30,000 or more in trading volume in any month across all markets will see USD market trading fees automatically lowered to the promotional rate. After the promotional month, a new fee schedule with volume-based USD market fees will apply for qualifying accounts.

The announcement follows its recent decision to block US-based customers from trading in 32 cryptocurrencies.

(Image Credit: Bittrex Blog)

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