Abra to allow investment in stocks and ETFs using Bitcoin

US-based crypto startup Abra has introduced a new feature on its digital wallet app that will allow users to buy stocks and ETFs through Bitcoin. Abra users from 155 countries will now be able to buy popular US stocks, commodities and gold from the app and they can even use Bitcoin to fund these investments. 

In its official announcement, Abra said that many people across the globe do not have access to such investment options and the company wants to provide all its customers access to products which US investors have enjoyed for a long time.

Abra will allow users to buy even tiny fractions of stocks, commodities and indexes just like users can buy fractions of cryptocurrencies. The minimum investment is just $5. Interested users can sign up for early access and avail zero trading fees for new equities offerings in 2019. Currently, the app offers 80 different assets – 50 fiat currencies and 30 cryptocurrencies. In addition, the app also allows investments in a crypto index fund called the BIT10.

(Image credit: Abra Blog) 

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