Indian cryptocurrency exchanges supporting the EOS and TRON mainnet migration

The EOS and TRON mainnet migration has indeed enthused the community behind these cryptocurrency projects. With the mainnet migration, both the tokens will leave the legacy Ethereum blockchain behind and will become a coin on their individual blockchains. The TRON mainnet launches on May 31st, whereas the EOS mainnet launches on June 2nd.

The TRON Foundation tweeted and suggested TRX token holders to move their tokens from their private wallets to cryptocurrency exchanges supporting the mainnet migration. This will help avoid complications in depositing, withdrawing and trading of TRX during the migration. The actual TRX token migration from ERC20 to the TRON mainnet will occur between June 21 to June 25. Token holders will have to move their tokens to a supporting exchange on or before June 24th.

EOS token holders have two options. If you are holding EOS in your own wallet, you can register your address before the launch. EOS Foundation will create a snapshot of token balances that will carry over to the new EOS blockchain and you will be accordingly be given the new EOS coins. You can lose your EOS tokens forever if you do not register your addresses before the mainnet launch date. More details can be found on this Reddit thread. The recommended option, however, is to transfer your tokens to an exchange which is supporting the EOS mainnet migration.

Which Indian cryptocurrency exchanges have announced support for TRX and EOS mainnet migration?

Many leading Indian cryptocurrency exchanges have already announced support for the EOS and TRON migration. Here are the exchanges supporting the upcoming EOS and TRX mainnet migration:

Zebpay —

Koinex —

Bitbns —

WazirX —

CoinDCX — (TRON) (EOS)

Coindelta —

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